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What do I need to get started?

Give us a call or shoot over an email and we’ll be happy to get you set up in our system! Before you begin using any of our services, we do require proof of rabies in the form of a certificate signed by your vet. Just for the rabies vaccine, an invoice, receipt of basic printout doesn’t work. We know you didn’t pay for a vaccine you didn’t receive but PA state law requires us to only accept the official certificate as proof. It’s okay if you don’t have it, the administering vet should be able to pull it and send it right over!

For boarding and daycare services, we’ll also need proof of distemper (often listed as DHPP/DAPP or DHLPP on your pup’s records) and proof of bordatella administered within the last 6 months. Considered a “social vaccine,” our city pups who frequent daycare, dog parks or otherwise loiter about with their friends on the regular are at increased risk and we like them to receive that 6 month booster in the name of prevention!

How do the daycare packages work?

For frequent flyers, our 5- and 10-day packages allow our pet parents to save a couple of bucks per day and streamline the pick-up/drop-off process a little bit. Days don’t have to be used consecutively and they never expire. You’re free to make reservations as needed and we’ll give you the heads up when you’re running out of redeemable days!

Our unlimited package works by calendar month (i.e. you buy one in the beginning of June and any and all daycare days are included for the entire month.) If your pup is going to be joining us for more than 19 days per month, it makes fiscal sense. However, most dogs shouldn’t be in a group play situation for 12 hours, 5+ days a week. They need breaks just like we do! We’re happy to chat out best options based on each individual’s needs, activity level and willingness to sleep through the party when they need the occasional break!

Do you require reservations?

We do! We don’t want to spoil anyone’s day or weekend plans. We recommend reserving daycare days for the week by the end of the weekend before. For boarding, let us know ASAP when you’ll need us. We always have at least some availability on a random weeknight in February, but weekends in the summer and holiday periods tend to book up a few weeks or more in advance. Grooming appointments tend to book up a week or so in advance and more so during winter holiday and spring shave-down time!

What’s the cancellation policy?

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee in the amount of services booked. Daycare, boarding and grooming appointments repeatedly canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged. For holiday periods, boarding reservations cancelled less than 72 hours before the stay will be charged.

We do really prefer to operate under a mutual respect for each other’s time and an understanding that life is busy, schedules sometimes change, and sometimes dogs or pet parents get sick or circumstances are out of our hands. However, regular last-minute cancellations and no-shows become a detriment to our business and we have no choice but to implement a cancellation fee. Talk to us, we’re here to make life easier, not harder!

What happens if my dog is sick?

It’s imperative that pet parents check their dogs for any sign of illness before bringing them in. Nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing and goopy eyes are all signs of illness. If your dog arrives and we notice any of these symptoms, you are required to pick them up immediately. Additionally, we cannot allow dogs with non-diet related gastro issues to interact with their friends. We clean and disinfect daily but illnesses have the potential to spread quickly throughout the daycare environment (just like kids!) and we appreciate parents keeping sick pups home to aid in our preventative measures.

If an overnight guest turns up sick, we’re sure to keep a close eye on them and do our best to contact you and keep you in the loop. Should any sign of illness progress or any condition worsen, we’ll attempt to make an appointment at their regular vet office to be seen. If that fails, we will take them to VSEC. In our years of experience with dogs, there are a variety of symptoms or conditions that, once they present, we cannot in good conscious wait to seek care for. We’ll front the veterinary expenses and include the receipt in your invoice.

What happens if my dog gets hurt?

Playground injuries are commonplace for small children and that’s even more true for dogs who are playing with their teeth and paws. We maintain a well supervised play space with a dog to human ratio of no more than 10:1 but no amount of personalized care or supervision by our staff can absolutely prevent the possibility of injury. If your dog begins to show signs of discomfort or we notice any outward injury, we’ll isolate, assess and contact you. We’re happy to seek out an appointment at their regular vet or VSEC and aid in transportation to and from. We’ll front the medical bills and include the receipt in your invoice. We are not responsible for any injury as enrolling your dog in group play has the potential to be a risky activity.

What’s the deal with crates?

We keep a few crates available with their doors open in our daycare room. For the most part, they serve as  coveted nap spots when someone wants to give themselves a few minutes of alone time. We will occasionally use them for brief time-outs; if one dog is nudging another and excitement has built to a level where they’re no longer responding to our corrections, 5-15 minutes of stillness usually hits the reset button. We don’t have designated crate time, dogs are free to play or nap as much as they’d like throughout the day and the majority of our pups love having a crate to claim as their own every so often!

What should I bring with my dog for overnights?

We only require you bring the things you’d like your dog to consume. Food, treat, medications. We have plenty of beds and blankets but you’re more than welcome to bring your own. Same goes for toys and bones, although there are varieties we take away during unsupervised periods for safety. All comforts from home are always welcome! Slow or puzzle feeders should be packed with your pup if they use one but there’s no need to bring any regular bowls as we have a TON of them. Stainless steel bowls in particular frequently get confused with our own during our daily dishwashing.

We keep Acana Heritage Red Meat dry dog food on hand and we’re happy to provide it at an additional charge per meal, if your dog runs out of food and doesn’t have any dietary restrictions. If they have allergies or need something specific, we’re happy to get it for you the cost of the product plus a $25 pick-up fee. 

Do the dogs get potty breaks throughout the day?

Absolutely, a lot of them! We have patio spaces in both our Point Breeze and Fishtown locations. Dogs have very regular access to them during the day. Boarding pups get nice little walks around the neighborhood throughout the day.

Do you offer any cat care?

We have very skilled cat groomers at our Point Breeze location only. All of our boarding suites have gone to the dogs and we can’t accommodate overnight stays for cats. However, we are happy to make recommendations on in-home cat care for our multi species households!

Still have questions? Contact us to chat more, we’d love to accommodate you any way possible!